FlexComp National Hose

Our Story

A Journey of Growth and Partnership in the Hose Manufacturing Industry

The Roots of FlexComp Hose

In the 60s the seeds were planted when a machinist came to Canada from the UK, after working for other machine shops for several years decided in 1979 to set up a small family run machine shop in Sarnia, Ontario. Part of that business was to manufacture hose fittings and related components for a specific type of hose called Composite Hose. The fitting and component business further expanded in the 80s when an opportunity arose to purchase a machine to manufacture composite hoses. When they did, they had no experience in composite hose manufacturing but knowing that their machine shop had developed a customer base through manufacturing fittings and components, they worked to develop the skills and continued to develop composite hose technology.

FlexComp Hose in use
FlexComp hoses - laid out like a 'fan'

The Journey of National Hose & Equipment Ltd

Meanwhile the Stone family came to Canada in the 70s from Trinidad & Tobago and father and son worked together for Canada Hose out of Montreal, Quebec. They later went on to set up their own small family business in Scarborough, Ont. IPM Supplies. That company would eventually be known as National Hose & Equipment Ltd and became a successful hose and fitting wholesale business supplying customers across Canada, South America and the Caribbean with industrial, chemical and hydraulic hoses and fittings.

Two Businesses Become One

Through mutual connections the two family businesses were aware of one another and eventually came to become partners. In 2019, National Hose & Equipment Ltd acquired the Composite Hose manufacturing assets from Feher Machine and decided to carry on the FlexComp name. Additional product development saw the manufacturing process change to accommodate a modern-day crimp system for attaching fittings, allowing distribution customers to assemble their own Composite Hose Assemblies.
Still based in Sarnia, FlexComp Hose continues to be family owned and operated; with three generations of the Stone family currently working in the business.

Hoses are in our DNA

At FlexComp, we believe that our success comes from the deep expertise and passion that we have for providing high quality products coupled with exceptional customer service. Our company has a long history in the industry, with employees who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.
Our core mission has always been to add value to our customers’ experience by providing exceptional quality products and outstanding service. We achieve this by continually innovating and bringing fresh perspectives to the table.
Throughout our journey, we’ve learned to be adaptable and resilient, facing any challenges that come our way with a positive attitude and dedication to excellence. With each new generation of employees and leaders, we remain committed to our values of customer service, quality, and innovation.

Frequently Ask Questions

Our composite hoses are designed for specific applications, whether it’s petrochemical/oil and gas, pharmaceutical or bulk terminal handling.

FlexComp composite hoses are designed, matched and qualified to meet and exceed various US and internations standards including U.S.C.G., BS5842, EN13765:2010 to name a few. Each hose assembly is Proof Tested to International and NAHAD Guidelines.

Yes, FlexComp provides certificates with each assembly

Depending on the industrial application, composite hoses may require different storage and handling. Our team at FlexComp can provide you with information about optimal storage and maintenance for your specific application

FlexComp Hoses are sold through a world-wide dealer network. Contact Us to find a dealer near you.

FlexComp Hose manufacturers our hoses and has a reliable supply of fittings in stock. With our manufacturing facility in Canada, we are able to shorten the lead-time required to provide hoses for our customers.

Our team of experts can help you troubleshoot any leaks or damage. Please contact our team for assistance.

Yes. FlexComp manufacturers hoses based on our customers specific applications and needs. Please contact us or request a quote for assistance with building your custom composite hose.