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Quality composite hose, fitting and assemblies

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Manufactured in Canada

Proudly manufactured in Canada and sold around the world through a network of trusted dealers.

FlexComp hoses are designed and manufactured in Canada. Our designers have years of experience in industrial hose applications with a particular specialty in chemical and petroleum products. 
Developed for industry with safety in mind, FlexComp composite hoses meet and exceed various US and international standards.

How Composite Hoses are Made

Buying composite hose is not always easy. The FlexComp team is happy to help assess your needs so that you can be assured of the most optimally suited hose for your specific application.
As a starting point we use the “STAMPED” method to determine what hose is best suited.
S – Size
T – Temperature
A – Applicaiton
M – Medium
P – Pressure
E – End
D – Delivery

Providing Unparalleled Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.

  • Quality Manufactured Products: Quality is not just a buzzword for us—it is the cornerstone of our brand
  • After Hours/Emergency Support: Our dedicated team is available 24/7 for after-hours and emergency support.
  • In-Stock Parts and Materials: Minimize delays, ensuring that you can get back to work without unnecessary downtime.
  • Care and Maintenance Guidelines: Comprehensive care and maintenance guidelines to help you keep your composite hoses in top shape. 
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Who Are We?

Manufacturer of High Performance Hoses For Chemical and Petroleum Products

Flexcomp composite hoses are made in Canada and manufactured in-house and focus on innovative materials offering specific solutions to challenging applications.  Our hoses are designed as kink resistant, light-weight, and user-friendly, exhibiting above-average pressures, full suction capability, while flexibility is retained at low to extreme temperatures down to -40 Celsius (-40 ̊F). The low static generating, mutli-tubular construction avoids dangerous build up of static electricity and prevents catastrophic failure, making it one of the safest liquid transfer hoses for Petrochemical and Chemical applications. Flexcomp hoses are corrosion, UV, Ozone and fatigue, resistant. The tough chemically and abrasion resistant covers offer a tough and ideal solution for the harshest service conditions 

FlexComp hoses and hose assemblies are part of a system that is Designed, Matched and Qualified to meet and exceed various US and international standards including U.S.C.G, BS5842, EN13765:2010, to name a few.  FlexComp hoses have been developed with human and environmental safety in mind. No epoxies or resins are required for final assembly or to pass hydrostatic testing. FlexComp Hose & Assemblies use a Crimp Ferrule and Seal design that is leak free and each hose assembly is Proof Tested to International & NAHAD Guidelines test certificates will accompany each assembly.  

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FlexComp can custom manufacture hoses to suit any application.

We are proudly manufactured in Canada and sold around the world through a network of trusted dealers.