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FlexComp offers a variety of composite hoses 

Multi-Tubular Design

Highly Robust

Longer Lasting

What makes FlexComp Composite Hoses Great?

Benefits of FlexComp Composite Hoses

FlexComp hoses are highly robust, flexible, kink resistant, and extremely safe with low static generating qualities. FlexComp hose and hose assembly low static generating encased multi-tubular design focuses on using current and developing innovative materials, matching tolerances, such as pitch matching, for which the basis is human safety, environmental protection, and operational efficiencies. This sense of purpose drives us to manufacture versatile, safer, and longer lasting hoses for the harshest of service conditions, offering specific vs generic solutions to challenging and of dangerous applications.

FlexComp Hydrocarbon Hoses

FlexOil Hydrocarbon Hoses feature the unique low static generating encased multi-tubular design. These hoses are safe to convey a wide range of liquids such a water, various oils, aviation fuels, bio-fuels, and high aromatic media. The hose materials can be modified to offer improved internal and external resistances such as fire and superior abrasion resistant materials, including light weight wires, based on service conditions and customer preferences. Perfect choice for such applications in marine, dockside, bunkering, ship to shore, rail, and tanker applications. While, the hoses are usually black, customers can choose varying colours.

FlexComp Standard Chemical Hoses

FlexChem Hoses feature the unique low static generating encased multi-tubular design. These hoses are safe to convey a versatile range of chemicals including water solvents, acids and alkalis. The hoses can be modified to include gas tight materials such as FEP, or fire resistant materials, including varying internal and external wires, based on fluids conveyed.  An extensive range of couplings are available. Various colours and customizations are available.

FlexComp Aggressive Chemical Hoses

FlexFlon range of hoses feature the unique low static generating encased multi-tubular design, including a remarkably fortified weaved low static generating Teflon layer. This hose is the ultimate choice for safe operations when conveying the harshest chemicals. Varying customizations available, such as cover colour, private branding, and varying couplings, and internal and external wire configuration – typically limited to stainless steel for the internal wire, but other options may be available based on service conditions.

FlexComp Cryogenic Hoses – New Improved design coming soon

FlexComp Fittings Hoses

FlexComp offers a variety of fittings and accessories for the composite hoses.